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Mohammad Towhid

Who is Mohammad Towhid

Mohammad Towhid is an Indian Blogger & Entrepreneur. He is the founder of Febzed and also the Co-founder of Frutto. He started his Febzed on 2/10/2020. His Father’s name is Abdul Monim Miah, who is also the founder of Frutto and also an Ex-Army. He thought everyone should plant Dragon fruit (Pitaya) at home because it has so many beneficial fruits. And with the wish, he does his business.

His Great Works

He wrote 2 books “Towhid & His Best Friend” and “5 Places to Visit In India” with the help of his best friend Saydi Mohobbat.


His talent for web designing came in front of the world when he was in the ninth standard, in 2018 he started creating websites. His popular websites are,, and later he created his Also, he created a website for his family fruit business


Full Name:Mohammad Towhid
Born:25 November 2004
Birth Place:Alwar, Rajasthan, India
Occupation:Indian Blogger
Height:1.71 m
Books:Towhid & His Best Friend, 5 Places to Visit in India
Parents:Abdul Monim Miah, Selina Choudhury
Siblings:Liza Qureshi
Organization founded:Frutto

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I am an Indian Blogger from West Bengal. I am the founder of Thanks

About Mohammad Towhid

I am an Indian Blogger from West Bengal. I am the founder of Thanks

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