Crazy Deep got copyright strike by Carryminati?

Crazy Deep is an Indian YouTuber with over 374k Subscribers and a total of 33 million views on YouTube. He is a well-known YouTuber to create roast videos like Carryminati. His videos are never stopped to cross 50k views. Here is news about him.

Some days ago he uploaded a roast video against a person named DJ Mrinal. According to Crazy Deep, he didn’t violate any policy of YouTube on that video but when he goes to his creator studio to see why his video is removed YouTube gives the reason “Inappropriate Content”.

After he contacted the YouTube team YouTube told him that if your video is removed and the reason is Inappropriate Content then someone has given you a private strike. After knowing this he contacted DJ Mrinal and tell him that did he filed the strike?. But he says no he didn’t give any strike.

Then he thought that if he didn’t give that strike then there is one more person whom he featured on that video and he is Carryminati. And after that, he requested peoples to reach this query to Carryminati. Yet Carry didn’t respond about this.

Also, DJ challenged on his one of video to carry that carry will never roast him because I am his father. And this statement is found hateful to Carryminati by Crazy Deep that’s why he created the video. And Crazy Titled the video “Carryminati Father Exposed” And accidentally the day he uploaded the video was the birthday of Carryminati‘s father.

That’s why he thinks that carry maybe gave the strike because he found some issue on the title of the video etc.

The video is now available on Crazy Deep’s Instagram Account you can go and watch it.

My comments on this

I don’t know that Carry really gave the strike or not. But I love both of the roasters. I hope if carry gave then he will leave it after reviewing the video.

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