GauravZone Vs NeuzBoy: A new controversy has started

November 5, 2020: Frustrated Janta created a expose video against GauravZone(A popular vlogger with over 3million Subscribers on YouTube). Some days ago GauravZone created a vlog video and he showed that his car was stolen and later found. Frustrated Janta created the expose video pointing that the car stolen video created by GauravZone was scripted or totally fake. He has pointed out many things in his video.

But, because he is a new YouTuber with over only a hundred subscribers at that time. His video didn’t reach many peoples.

November 8, 2020: After, 3 days the video got only thousands of views. And then NeuzBoy gives a shout out to that video on his recent news video. After that, the video crossed over 30k views and the channel got over 2k subscribers within 2 days.

November 9, 2020: GauravZone created a video against NeuzBoy and the guy who exposed him Titled “NEUZ BOY – Scam 2020 !” in this video Gaurav defended himself by giving proofs on the allegations by Frustrated Janta. Also, he Blamed that NeuzBoy is buyest and he got received money for giving the shout-out to Frustrated Janta’s video. Because he is a new YouTuber and this is his 2nd video on his channel. He also, said that NeuzBoy didn’t verify news sources. Also, he stated that NeuzBoy was created up to 80 videos on him and most of them are clickbait and stated that NeuzBoy is nothing without Big YouTubers pointing that News channels didn’t have its own contents. Also, he said that Neonman is very good than NeuzBoy.

November 10, 2020: NeuzBoy posted an IGTV video in reply to the GauravZone video on his Instagram account(@Neuzboy). He did reply to all allegations pointed by GauravZone. He accepted that he did click baits because of that time he wants views. But no more, He said that every small YouTuber did click baits because they want some views. And also now he is creating videos for views.

He said that before giving eyes to my content give an eye to your content pointing that Gaurav has 90% videos on his channel which are click baits thumbnail’s and titles which is true in my opinion. Also, he totally disagreed that he got money for that shoutout and amazingly he challenged every people that “If anyone can give valid proofs that I got money for any of giving a shoutout to anyone or covering news on my videos then I will delete my Main channel + Second Channel+ Instagram+ Twitter accounts and never come back on YouTube“.

He also stated that he didn’t give the shoutout himself or he didn’t found that video himself the video was submitted on his news submission by many peoples and he did give credit to that person who has submitted that news. Also, he reminded us that GauravZone did many scams in the past. Also, after some time he did upload the same video on his main YouTube Channel.

He also stated that he not only cover news which is against GauravZone he also covers news which are achievements of GauravZone and new updates, “People didn’t see the good things peoples only see the bad things” said NeuzBoy.

Also, said that “many subscribers of him commenting on his videos saying that don’t cover news of GauravZone, but again he didn’t stop to give updates. Same as Amir Siddiqui many people did say that don’t give updates of Amir but he didn’t stop“.

My comment on this controversy

I don’t know anyone of these YouTubers personally, But I did watch NeuzBoy’s videos as well as Neonman‘s and in this controversy, NeuzBoy didn’t done any mistake he only did a shoutout to the new creator. Also, Gaurav gave some proofs against the expose video which are right according to me. But, in the past, Gaurav did big mistakes that’s why peoples didn’t trust him. If you think that I did some mistakes in my article then please contact me.


Frustrated Janta’s Video

NeuzBout Shoutout Video

GauravZone’s Reply Video

NeuzBoy Reply Video

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