Top 5 Best Indian Tech YouTubers That You Should Watch

Youtube is now a big platform for gaining knowledge and information. Within some years, YouTube becomes a very big platform to know about Technology and other many topics. But today I’m going to give you the best top 5 YouTubers That really provide ultimate Knowledge from their videos.

Note: If your favorite YouTuber is missing from this article then don’t think that they are bad, I can’t add everyone in the top 5. Also, I will not add any YouTubers who are unboxing related.

No.1: SidTalk


Siddhant Jain (Born October 25, 1994) better known as “SidTalk” is an Indian YouTuber and Enturpenur. He is the owner of the channel called SidTak which has over 4.02M subscribers and a total of 222,759,739 views. Siddhart is also the Owner of, Where he provides Bulk Sms Services. He has 20k likes and 22k Followers on Facebook(@SidTalk). Also, he has 25.7k followers on Instagram (@sid_talk) and 3k followers on Twitter (@Sid_Talk). He is known for his ultra knowledgable videos, If you didn’t watch his video yet then I strongly prefer you to watch his videos because his videos are really very helpful.

His Videos are ultimate. And also I am a big fan of him. But he is busy in his business of Fast2sms, That’s why he didn’t upload videos regularly, If you are reading this Siddhart then please make videos regularly I really wait for your videos.

No.2: Technical Sagar


Abhishek Sagar is an Indian YouTuber and Ethical Hacker. He is the owner & Host of the “Technical Sagar” YouTube Channel with over 2.56 million subscribers and a total of 233 million views on YouTube. He has a total of 3 Channels “Sagar Ki Vani” with over 433K subscribers and 24 million views, “Abhishek Sagar” with over 161K subscribers and 5 million views, Also, “Ts Gaming” for gaming live streams with over 35.8k subscribers and 813k views. He has 12.4k followers on Twitter (@iamasagar) and 59.4k followers on Instagram (@theabhisheksagar). Also, he has 10k  likes and 11k followers on Facebook (@technicalsagaryoutube). He is known for his real tech related videos. His channel is not related to unboxing!. Also, He is known for his funny stylish answers. And I am a very big fan of him. He also sells paid ethical hacking courses.

He is very funny and I really like his videos, his aim is to provide knowledge not unboxing :), I also like his style of communicating. I have been watching his video for almost 3 or 4 years. He is one of the YouTubers whom I watch regularly. Commonly he gets his new video topics from the audience, he stayed people to comment your questions on the comment section and people truly give very interesting questions, Because his audience is Mistry 🙂

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No.3: Manoj Dey


Manoj Dey is an Indian YouTuber with over 1.3 million subscribers and a total of 120 million views on his first channel “Manoj Dey“. He is known for his knowledgeable videos on the topic of YouTube, He encourages people to be a YouTube creator. Also, he has a second channel for vlogging called “Manoj Dey Vlogs ” with over 336k subscribers and a total of 25 million views. He has 156k followers on Instagram (@manojdey23) and 14.8k followers on Twitter (@manojdey23). Also, he has 23k likes and 27k followers on Facebook (@manojdey23).

He is a very good YouTuber and also very famous. I have been watching his video for almost 2 years. He is well known for his encouragement to his audience to become a YouTuber, Earlier he has a channel I don’t remember the name of, but that channel was demonetized by YouTube that’s why he has to start a new channel and that is this. He struggled many times then get this position. Also, he is not a YouTuber who is fully dedicated to only unboxing. He may be made some unbox videos but not much. His focus is to share knowledge about YouTube, How to be a YouTuber, and more. You can check it out by watching his videos.

No.4: TechChip


Anil is an Indian YouTuber with over 249k subscribers and a total of 12 million views in his main channel “Tech Chip“. He is known for his Ethical hacking videos, his YouTube Channel is focused on Ethical Hacking. If are interested to know how hacking really works you should watch his videos. He is really a very knowledgeable person in the field of Cyberworld. Also, he has a second channel called “Hacking Mantra” with over 2.4k subscribers and a total of 7k views. He also sells Paid ethical hacking courses. He has 938 followers on Twitter (@techchipnet) and 5k likes and 6k followers on Facebook (@techchip).

He is a very knowledgeable person in the field of Hacking. And if you interested in hacking I strongly recommend you watch his videos. I have been watching his videos for 3 years. And he shows me how hacking really works. I have learned basics from Technical Sagar, who is also an Ethical hacker but this person shows me everything practically.

No.5: Technical RipoN 


Ripon is an Indian Blogger and Youtuber known for his ultimate knowledgeable videos on Blog. His channel’s topic is focused on Blogging and SEO. He has many YouTube Channel’s that I don’t know but some of them are, “Technical Ripon” with over 201k subscribers and a total of 14 million views, “Blogging Mafia” with over 24k subscribers and a total of 1 million views. Recently, he completed 200k subscribers, and for celebrating it he coalbed with many YouTubers which are blogging related. Also, he claimed that he has over 200 websites for blogging and most of them are micro-niche. He has 5k followers on Instagram (@techripon) and 2k likes and 3k followers on Facebook (@TechRipoNHindi)

He is a very knowledgeable person on Blogging and SEO, Also, he is one of the Youtubers whom I regularly follow. His videos really helped me many times. If you want to know about blogging then I will recommend you to watch his videos. I have been watching his videos for 2 or 3 years.

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